• Vitapol Fruit Smakers For Budgie 90 Gms
Consisting  of premium quality, natural ingredients, Vitapols’ Fruit 
 Smakers for Budgie is a perfect treat for your fine feathered friend. 
Ideally  sized with a zesty fruity punch, your pet is sure to love and 
devour this yummy  treat. Blended with high-quality berries known for 
its anti-oxidant properties,  it also contains protein-enriched coconut.
 Not only are these treats  nutritious, but they also help stimulate 
your bird's natural zest for activity  and instinctive urge to forage 
for food, keeping it’s beak in perfect condition. After all, a healthy 
budgie is  a happy budgie! 
  • Created with the best quality seeds and fruits
  • Contains high quality berries - rich in  antioxidant and coconut that provides valuable protein
  • Rich with apple and elderberry that provide  Vitamin C, carotenoids and iodine
  • Hardened outer layer prevents from crumbling and  keeps your bird busy
  • Weight – 90 gms
  • Suitable  for – Budgerigar
  • Yellow millet, red millet, wheat flour, niger  seed, safflower 
    seed, elderberry, coconut, dehydrated apple, orange peel,  bakery yeast,
     natural food colorants allowed in the E.U.
  • Store in a cool, dry place 

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Vitapol Fruit Smakers For Budgie 90 Gms

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