• Vitapol Economic Food For Cockatiel 1.2 Kgs
Developed  with a special blend of three different millets, Vitapols'
 Economic Food for  Cockatiel is a  valuable source of fibre for your 
cockatiel. With specially chosen ingredients  to meet the nutritional 
demands of your pet friend, each pelleted grain forms a  beak full of 
indulgence. Packaged in a protective atmosphere, this delicious  blend 
is sure to be a favourite of your fine feathered friend. After all, a  
healthy cockatiel is a happy cockatiel! 
  • Contains highest quality ingredients, chosen so  as to meet the highest nutritional requirements of your pet
  • Enriched with three types of small grained  millets, easily digestible wheat flakes.
  • Valuable source of fiber, positive impact on  digestive system
  • Enriched grain pellets contain powdered anise 
  • Weight  1.2 Kgs
  • Suitable  for – Cockatiel 
  • Yellow millet, white millet, red millet, canary  seed, wheat 
    flakes, safflower seed, white sorghum, red sorghum, flax, oats,  roasted
     carrots, striped sunflower seeds, niger seeds, raisins, wheat flour,  
    corn flour, alfalfa meal, powdered anise, carotene. 
  • Store in a cool, dry place 

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Vitapol Economic Food For Cockatiel 1.2 Kgs

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