• Japanese Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shrimp Aquariums
    Japanese Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shrimp Aquariums Japanese Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shrimp Aquariums
  • Essential minerals aid in shrimp's health and growth
  • Shrimp obtain more vibrant colors
  • Increases breeding rates and shrimplet survival rate
  • Helps shrimp with molting issues
  • Purifies water and stabilizes PH
The original Japanese mineral ball supplement made of tourmaline stone for dwarf shrimp. Each ball measures approximately 10mm/1CM in size, which slowly and safely releases minerals and elements that are essential for freshwater ornamental dwarf shrimp. Lasting for 2 years these balls slowly break down releasing elements like; aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, potassium and many other essential minerals. The benefits to your shrimp are; Improved Molting, Vibrant Colors, Higher Breeding Rates & Survival Rates as well as overall Health and Growth. The benefits to your aquarium water are; Purifies by De-ionization, Stabilizes PH, GH can be raised if used at a high dosage and creates an overall healthier aquarium water. Also there are benefits for your soil and plants, if you push the balls in substrate near plants, the plants will absorb these elements themselves. In addition to all of that they also provide a surface area for good bacteria to grow on, which is great for mixing them with your biological filter media. As well if left inside the tank it provides a a surface for algae and food to grow which the shrimp can graze on. Dosage- 4-8 Balls per gallon of water.

Package : 25 balls  
Size : 5-6 mm Diameter each.

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Japanese Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shrimp Aquariums

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