• Vitapol Mineral Block For Rodents - Orange 40 Gms
All  rodents need calcium in order to build their bones and grow into
 their natural  bodies. Vitapols' Mineral Block for Rodents – Orange  
comprises of 100% natural calcium carbonate with a fruity punch of 
orange  ensuring your pet receives all the minerals necessary to thrive 
in its  environment. This 40 gm cube, easily consumable by rodents 
retains dental  strength while keeping his incisors at bay. This product
 is essential to  maintain your furry friend’s natural instinct to chew 
while  eliminating boredom at the same time. Bear in mind, a healthy pet
 is a happy  pet! 
  • Natural source of calcium which is indispensable  in skeleton formation
  • Complementary diet for rodents and rabbits  containing multiple additives of fruits and vegetables which encourages  consumption
  • Based on natural calcium carbonate, helping  growth and functioning
  • Prevents dwarfism  and curvature, right firmness helps rabbits  and rodents keep natural abrasion of teeth
  • Equipped with convenient hanger
  • Orange flavour 
  • Quantity  - 40 Gms
  • Suitable  for - Rodents
  • Mineral substances 99% ,  Orange peel 1%
  • Store in a cool, dry place 

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Vitapol Mineral Block For Rodents - Orange 40 Gms

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