Eriocaulon Parviflorum
  • Eriocaulon parviflorum

This big Eriocaulon is still rarely available in Europe. It is widespread in the western and central parts of India and occurs emersed and submerged in wet places and shallow waters such as rice fields and ditches. This species stands out through its special habit: it forms an at least 15 cm tall rosette of quite broad, straight, spreading, freshly green leaves.

Up to now, only little information is available about its culture requirements, but apparently this species is not difficult to grow. However we recommend strong lighting, CO2 supply (about 20-30 mg/l in the water column), rather soft water and a nutrient-rich bottom, e.g. a type of Aquasoil. Apparently its growth rate is not very low.

There are still hardly examples for the use of Eriocaulon parviflorum in the aquascaping, but this species surely makes an interesting, striking specimen plant in the midground of a tank. As emersed plant, it should also be suitable for paludariums and aqua-terrariums.

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Eriocaulon parviflorum

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