Wooden Diffuser Internal Protein Skimmer
  • Wooden Diffuser Internal Protein Skimmer

Protein Skimmer | Basic | Suitable for upto 200L Tank

This is the most commonly available internal design of a protein skimmer that is the cheapest, best suited for smaller set-ups and a very basic design. It is just a round plastic tube often about 1œ" to 2" in diameter which has a wooden air diffuser from which a column of very fine air-bubbles rise (the bubbles are so tiny that it looks similar to 'smoke' or 'fumes'). This column of air bubbles force the water to rise from below the hollow tube and form a column of foam in the upper reaches of the skimmer. Often above the water surface and the foam thus formed overflows in the collection cup located in the upper side of the hollow pipe. Simple but, effective.

    Protein Skimmer use air venturi protein separation
    Wood air stone generate fine bubbles to separate protein and waste substance from your aquarium
    Dirt and waste substance collected in the top large container
    Suction cups, wood air stone, and air tubing included
    Size: 28cm tall
    10cm Cup diameter
    Suitable for upto 200 liter Marine or Reef Aquarium | Internal or In-Sump Use

Note: You need to use this skimmer with your existing air pump. (air pump is not included)

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Wooden Diffuser Internal Protein Skimmer

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