WO! Cone Skimmer | WS-160DC | For upto 1000 Liter System
  • WO! Cone Skimmer | WS-160DC | For upto 1000 Liter System

WO! Cone Protein Skimmer | WS-160 | For upto 900L Tank

WO! Protein Skimmers are designed to be flexible with dependability and performance in mind with turbo-charged needle wheel operation ensures optimum skimming efficiency.

Its Full Cone "ICE CREAM" shape body naturally stabilizes and concentrates the organic rich foam as it rises. Whatever your reefing style, there’s a WO! Skimmer to suit.

Hi Performance DC Pump
WO! Skimmers are equipped with high efficiency JEBAO DC pumps which feature a 8 speed controller with 10 minute feed mode. The pumps also feature a auto slow start-up mode; when power is applied to the pump, the flow will slowly ramp up to full speed in about a minute. No more splashing in the tank from and full on blast of water.

    High performance motor with innovation electronics, and energy saving up to 50% than other pump.
    IC electronic detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water.
    Motor protection if impeller is blocked.
    Super Quiet operation.
    Can operate in marine and freshwater.
    No copper components, safe for your tank.
    Wear-resistant ceramic shaft, longer operation life.
    10 Minutes feed mode, or Pause to resume to normal
    Internal use only. DC Pump is not suitable for external use.

Super-Streamed Performance
Needle wheel impellers super-stream the fusion of air and water as it enters the chamber. This means more skimming action per motor rotation.

Engineered for the Professional Reefers
WO! products are constructed with performance tested Cell Cast Acrylic, SCH-80 PVC, JG fittings and silicon O-rings. These materials will not color fade, are crack resistant, inert and non-corrosive, giving you the DEPENDABILITY you need and the PERFORMANCE your reef deserves.


    Skimmer Model: WS-160DC
    Type: In-Sump
    Tank Size:  500 - 900 Litres
    Pump: JEBAO DC-2000
    Power & Output: 2000 L/H | DC24v | 20w
    Footprint & Height: 200x180mm | 480mm
    Maximum Air Intake: 680 L/H, the best in its class.

Recommended Sump Water Depth: 20-100mm above the pump.

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WO! Cone Skimmer | WS-160DC | For upto 1000 Liter System

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