Elite Jet Flo 50 Underwater Filter
  • Elite Jet Flo 50 underwater filter
The Jet Flo underwater filter is a great product to facilitate the biological filtration process within your aquarium. An underwater filter helps to maintain clean waters and purify your tank of all chemicals; it ensures that a perfect balance of oxygen is maintained in the tank at all times. The tank is quiet but extremely efficient. This filter is perfect for tanks up to the capacity of 50 liters and maintains an efficient flow of 480 liters per hour.   The underwater filter increases the movement of water underneath the gravel, which helps to improve the biological filtration.  The bacterium helps to colonize within the gravel and helps to break down the waste materials. Most of the filters have to be connected to air pump or power head. The underwater filters can be used on all sizes of aquarium but works best in aquariums that have a light fish load as the other aquariums would need chemical and mechanical filters as well.   FEATURES Facilitates biological filtration Purifies tank to clean water Promotes growth of beneficial bacteria SPECIFICATIONS Suitable for - For aquarium upto 50 ltr Flow rate - 300 Litres per hour max flow rate Type - Submersible

Quiet and efficient
Mechanical and Biological filtration
For crystal clear aquarium water
Suitable for freshwater and coldwater aquariums
2 year warranty
3.6 Watts - 240 Volts
300 Litres/hour max flow rate
Dimensions: 15x7x4cm (height x length x width - without spray bar attachment)
90 degree output diverter
Venturi system, when additional air is required
Foam insert, for the removal of fine particles
Zeo carb catridges to absorb liquified waste and removes dyes, medication and odours
Including spray bar assembly kit

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Elite Jet Flo 50 underwater filter

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