• Aquatic Kart Catnip 10g for Cats cat Toy

Features 1. Catnip can care and nurse the stomach and the digestive tract for cats. 2. The leaves of peppermint are rich in chlorophyll. The cat can not synthesize itself so the cat will eat it automatically to supply vitamins to keep healthy. 3. The cat can clean teeth, improve oral hygiene, prevent oral diseases and maintain a clear smell by chewing mint leaves to strengthen the relationship between you can your cats. 4. Using catnip to interact with cats can let the cat be friendly with people, feel comfortable an relax and ease the anxiety mood. You can also use the catnip on the old toy to arouse the cats' curiosity to save the old toy. 5. The catnip is natural and does not contain non-toxic things, and it is harmless and healthy for cats.

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Aquatic Kart Catnip 10g for Cats cat Toy

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